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Welcome, and thank you for visiting ASK Prayer Ministries online. We hope that our website highlights the Love, Peace, Joy & Hope in LORD Jesus Christ. Please feel free to read more about our Prayer ministry on this site, or call into one of our Prayer Night for an experience. We would love to greet you and claim the promises our Savior  Jesus Christ has for you through our prayers.

 We believe that Prayer is a powerful tool to manifest the POWER of GOD in our life. Heartfelt prayers and submissions are heard by Our Father when ASKed. Our mission is to  fully leverage the Holy Spirit in our life by claiming HIS promises through prayers, intercession for others,  meditation of scriptures to witness his plan unfold in our life.

Our Prayer Team submits your please unceasingly at HIS feet

Prayer  are held over the conference call or via Skype:

Saturday Morning Prayers are at 6:00 AM CST to 8:30 AM CST./ 5.30 PM IST to 7.30 PM IST.

Plans are in progress to run Prayer night on Friday Nights IST.

To Join the Prayer, Prayer Request or For any questions, email

Prayer Timings

Prayer Request

Ask, and it will be given to you; Seek, and you will find; Knock, and it will be opened to you​
Matthew 7:7

Latest News

Check out the recent message from Pastor.John Prabaharan from Jesus Is the LORD ministry


Check out our blog on our daily reflection of LORD's walk in our life. Contributed by ASK Prayer partners



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ASK Prayer Message

​This week (Jan 7th) is ASK prayer team's 268th week of Prayer.


ASK prayer team's 50th prayer night had a speaker, Pastor.John Prabaharan of JIL ministry. He gave the message on what LORD speaks about "Promises for Intercessory Prayer"ASK in Bible. We were fortunate to have Bro.John for the 25th prayer night where the LORD talked about "ASK" from Bible.

  • What do we ASK Lord for?

  • ​What kind of blessings offered to us by LORD for what we ASKed?

  • ​How it was ASKed & How the Lord fulfilled what ASKed?

​Please check out for the detail message. You can also check out our YouTube channel for videos

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